Chad and Amy Holtz testifying together

Some of the most active blog posts I’ve ever had were back in 2011 when former United Methodist pastor Chad Holtz was making UM news for his preaching and writing about Rob Bell, hell, and his addiction to pornography. Here is the post that got the most attention in comments.

I was greatly encouraged earlier this year when I saw that Chad had been brought to his knees and lifted back up again by Christ.

Now I add to that by learning — via a comment on this blog — that he is writing again. Actually, he and his wife, Amy, have been writing on a shared blog since July 2012. The blog is now on my blogroll. (Amy’s posts about how she has endured Chad’s betrayal of their marriage and found her own healing through it all are powerful reading. Here’s a link to one she wrote in October, but a scroll back into the summer is worth the time, especially if you know people who are living through similar things.)


2 thoughts on “Chad and Amy Holtz testifying together

  1. Reading Chad’s old blog was like watching a train wreck. He blogged too much, at too great a length, he was off-base (my opinion) and arrogant, and he was publicly giving us TOO MUCH personal INFORMATION. I was — and AM — really ticked off with him about the way he linked himself to Rob Bell and Love Wins. The story of his dismissal from the church was part of the whole crazy Love Wins buzz. People were repeating Chad’s story even they knew next to nothing about it. But, what he was advocating and what Rob said were not the same at all. He had such an incredible need for attention. It was painful to observe.

    Of course the church wanted him out. They were right. And, the controversy — far more public than it should have been — had to be damaging to the church.

    I am glad for Amy that their marriage is restored. And, I hope he does not betray her again. For her sake. For their children’s sake. She says he’s changed and maybe I should believe that.

    But, I have not gotten over my annoyance with Chad.

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