Rediscovering the wheel

A pastor at the Church Leaders site writes about what he sees as the problems with “accountability groups.” In short, his critique is that they lack grace, often are poor environments for true conversation, do not achieve results, and can be easily gamed by those who want to avoid their true purpose.

His solution is to focus on grace, building each other up, distributed leadership, and establishing groups of various sizes for various tasks. The last item would include larger groups for more general accountability and smaller, more intimate groups for real deep sharing.

Is it just me, or does it sound like this fellow just described early Methodism?


2 thoughts on “Rediscovering the wheel

  1. As a clinical counselor, I long ago recognized that congregations are a lot like marriages: people say they want intimacy, but either do not really want it or find it difficult to tolerate. And so ‘small groups’ or ‘accountability groups’ degrade into book clubs or gossip hours while masquerading as something more noble. Often, even when this is recognized, there is no move to alter the course. This is where congregations can help each other by sending skilled people from one congregation to another, just like the Circuit Riders of old. A prophet or expert is just someone from another town who people will listen to.

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