NT Wright: How God became king


3 thoughts on “NT Wright: How God became king

  1. Interesting talk. I have only listen to about 6 1/2 minutes, but found one piece intriguing as it seems to define some of the church’s struggle. Wright talks about the Creeds and how they seem to leave out the life of Jesus – going from “born of the Virgin…” to “Suffered under Pontius Pilate”. He says some might be most happy if that were how we left it – just forgetting the “life” in between. And I realize some do. Jesus becomes just the Savior of our souls and nothing more. The idea of Jesus as lord – leader whose life we follow – is secondary at best. And yet, for others, the focus is only on the “life” in between. Jesus is the one whose example we follow and the idea of his Virgin birth and death and resurrection are secondary – at best.

    On one side we have those who see Jesus as Savior and we remain in control of our life at this point. Others say that Jesus is Lord – his example and his call to serve and set free the captives is the main thing. The idea of Jesus being the sacrifice for our sins is not one that some feel comfortable with – the idea of Jesus as Savior is not the point of the gospel.

    I think the greater challenge, and the way forward as the Church, is to reconnect these two. To understand Jesus as the one who saves us and gives new life so that we can live as he calls us to live and help to usher in the Kingdom of God until Jesus returns and the Kingdom comes in all its fullness.

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