Where is this Jesus they talk about?

This is a nice talk that makes a good point, but it raised a question for me.

I’ve been hanging around American Christianity for about 25 years now. I’ve been a Christian for a bit over a decade. So far I’ve not encountered preachers who offer Christ merely as a tool to get to heaven. I’ve encountered lots who talk about Jesus and getting to heaven (or if they read NT Wright being a part of the restoration of heaven and earth). But I’ve not stumbled upon this large tribe of Christian clergy who talk of Jesus as if his only purpose was as a free pass through the pearly gates.

Am I just hanging out with the wrong crowd?


6 thoughts on “Where is this Jesus they talk about?

  1. I take it that neither of you have spent time in the so called Bible Belt. I can think of several preachers in my area (mostly some shade of Baptist, independent, or Pentecostal) that quite often present Jesus solely as the “ticket” that needs to be punched to board heaven’s train.

      1. In some cases, yes. Hard to believe. In their way of thinking, Heaven is the goal and Jesus is the means to that goal. Of course they’ll also tell you that Methodists are going to hell anyway.

  2. They must not have read Luther’s “Against Antinomianism”.
    The “keys to heaven and hell” have taken on a whole new meaning!

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