CNN profile of Andy & Charles Stanley

A well-done story that makes an interesting read about Charles and Andy Stanley.

Methodists show up in one anecdote about these two Baptist preaching titans. It comes in a story about a gay pride parade outside Charles’ church:

One Sunday, a gay pride group planned to march past his father’s church. Leaders of the congregation, warned in advance, dismissed church early to avoid contact with the group. But organizers of the march changed the schedule. Andy watched as First Baptist members filed out of the church and gawked at gay and lesbian marchers streaming by. Then he noticed a Methodist church across the street whose members held out cups of water for marchers and signs that said, “Everybody welcome! Come worship with us!”

“We’re the church that sings ‘Just as I Am’ after the sermon, and here we are shunning this group of people because of a lifestyle we disagreed with,” he says now.

The whole story is worth reading. Very interesting. But this being a Methodist blog, I thought I’d pull out that one quote here. Go read the rest on the web site.