Divided over unity

Denizens of the Methodist Interwebs have been writing about division and unity of the UMC in the last few weeks.

Jack Jackson kicked things off with a call for a break up over the issues of sexual ethics that have divided us for at least 40 years now.

Jeremy Smith and Ben Gosden replied with a piece praising unity, which got them some blowback that Jeremy wrote about on his blog.

Today, David Watson added his voice in calling us to unity.


6 thoughts on “Divided over unity

    1. I am not in favor of schism or division. I think divorce is always a tragic thing to be avoided if possible. I’m not sure how we live together, though, so I don’t have much to offer to the conversation.

  1. It is sad when one part of a family cannot accept the decisions of the majority. However, that does not mean we should divorce. We just keep trying to find areas where we can cooperate. My problem is that officials who have taken an oath, and receive salaries from the general church defy the discipline and decisions of the General Conference. Either dissent, or serve the office, not try to do both. I can excuse individual pastors who deviate from General or Jurisdictional policies. They are serving the people in their congregations and need to keep avenues of communication open as they lead their flock toward connection to the denomination. But officials, DS, Bishops and agency heads are not preaching to a local congregation. They are making a mockery of the name UNITED Methodist Church.

  2. Retired Bishops seem to think they are independent. I call on any bishop who publicly challenges the general church to give up his/her pension and become a dissenting member like the rest of us, without denominational support or standing.

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