John Wesley: Defender of pickles

From John Wesley’s preface to a medical tract that he included in the works collected and distributed for Methodists:

Another instance of exaggeration we have, in what he says concerning pickles. It may be allowed, that they are not wholesome to persons of a delicate constitution. Perhaps, too, the using of them in large quantities may impair a good constitution. But still I cannot commend the condemning of them universally, as no less than poison. I really believe a man of a firm constitution might use a small quantity of them daily, yea, for forty or fifty years together, without hurting himself at all.

I call for a resolution at the next General Conference commending the eating of pickles to those of a strong constitution.


5 thoughts on “John Wesley: Defender of pickles

  1. The UMC boycotted the Mt. Olive Pickle Company a few quadrennia ago, but I don’t think it was over concern for people with weak constitutions.

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