Devotional for the day: Deuteronomy 9:6

Know then that the Lord your God isn’t giving you this excellent land for you to possess on account of your righteousness—because you are a stubborn people! (Deuteronomy 9:6, CEB)

It is not because we are righteous that God blesses us. He blesses us and calls us to covenant obedience in response to the blessing. God has loved us, so we are called to love God.

But some of those who heard these words had not been slaves in Egypt, right? They were children of the wilderness. They were raised on the humbling bread of the wilderness and the water from the flinty rocks. These were gifts, too, but they were gifts to discipline and humble the people.

When we say God blesses us, it does not mean he gives us a Cadillac. It may mean nothing more than the daily bread that sustains us until tomorrow. It may be the one lifted high that we look upon and are cured of the poison bite of the serpents.

God’s people are those who have learned to say “Praise be to God” for the gifts of Egypt, the gifts of the wilderness, and the gifts of the land.

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