Tensions, transitions, and the future of mission

Paul Chilcote, author of the fantastic little book Recapturing the Wesley’s Vision and Ashland seminary professor, will offer a one-day seminar in Indianapolis on mission in the Wesleyan tradition Tuesday, Nov. 13.

The registration web site describes the seminar this way:

Why have United Methodists been so passionate about mission? What is it that propels them to offer Christ in holistic ways? And yet, what are the tensions the United Methodist Church currently faces in becoming a global church and in facing new challenges in North America?

Join Paul Chilcote, Professor of Wesley Studies and Mission at Ashland Theological Seminary and a member of the Indiana Conference, as he leads this engaging seminar on Mission in the Wesleyan Tradition and the transitions the church will need to navigate in the years ahead.

The seminar is organized by the Wesleyan Connexion project of the Indiana United Methodist Conference.


One thought on “Tensions, transitions, and the future of mission

  1. Jealous. I never got to have Chilcote while he was at Duke. I wish we had some short term opportunities like this in my area. I think there is a world of meaning in the phrase “offering Christ in holistic ways,” and it gets at a lot of the tensions in our denomination.

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