Would you preach once a quarter?

Catching up on some blogs I missed while away.

Teddy Ray has some helpful suggestions for pastors wanting to move to weekly celebration of Holy Communion.

The comments include a link to a good post by retired Bishop Whitaker about the importance of using the church’s prayer of Great Thanksgiving in the celebration.


One thought on “Would you preach once a quarter?

  1. Excellent question, John. Spiritual renewal in The United Methodist Church may well hinge on our willingness to be formed and shaped by the Biblical story. If the eucharistic prayer is restored to it’s proper place in worship, parishoners will be exposed to the scope of salvation history week by week by week. It will help put things into perspective for us.

    I long for this change to happen. And let me affirm what Bishop Whitakker says, offering a quicky version of Holy Communion will not suffice. It is important to USE the prayer of the Church in it’s entirety. As Taylor Burton-Edwards likes to point out, the prayer of Thanksgiving only takes four minutes.

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