Changes to my blogging

Starting next month, I will be taking classes in United Theological Seminary‘s FLEX MDiv program. I share this news because it will likely mean significant reduction in my activities as a blogger. Working full-time at Indiana University, part-time pastoring, and attending seminary are going to be quite a bit to keep going at the same time.

Cutting back on blogging and other activities not related to family, work, and vocation will be necessary.

I suspect I will miss blogging. If the temptation becomes to strong, I might need to delete the blog to remove the temptation. I hope that is not necessary, but I share fair warning.

Thanks for all you have done over the last few years to make this a rewarding experience. I hope to see you around the Internet in the years to come.

In peace.


8 thoughts on “Changes to my blogging

  1. John, May you go in God’s grace as you take this step. You and your family will be in my prayers as you embark on this journey.

    I would suggest that you think long and hard before deleting your blog though. I did that and I have regretted the decision.

  2. I will sincerely miss reading your blog. You have stimulated my thinking repeatedly. I feel as though we have become friends through this dialogue. I hope to see a post now and then. Earning a MDiv is a great idea though, so I certainly understand. Blessings and peace. May you be challenged and edified as you study.

  3. Blessing on your journey John! I’ll miss reading your many updates and hearing news from around the connection.

  4. Always remember that your blog can also be used as a journal of your time in seminary. I often used twitter as a microblog as thoughts ran through my mind during class. It was like jotting down another note.

    So, if you come across anything interesting your blog can be a good way to hash out those thoughts.

    Lord’s blessings in your endeavors.

  5. John,

    Just last week I was telling someone how much I enjoy your blog. I’m sad to hear you’ll be stopping/cutting back. Some of your seminary writing might give you opportunity for some cut-and-pastes at least.

    I’m also surprised to hear that you’re just embarking on seminary. You clearly already have more familiarity with some of these issues than many seminary grads. I hope school will further enrich.

  6. Thank you to everyone. I do not intend to cancel or kill the blog, but I need to break myself of the need to write every day or even multiple times a day. Perhaps this will lead to more “meat” on the posts I do make.

    I expect the need to write so I can figure out what I think will not go away. But I need to give myself permission to go a day or three without blogging if I am going to give other things the time they need.

  7. In the spirit of “two birds with one stone” you might post portions of your writing for seminary as your blog.

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