The heart of being Wesleyan

One of the ongoing questions for me in this blog goes something like this: “What does it mean to be a Wesleyan and a United Methodist?”

Efforts such as the UMC Missional Manifesto are helpful, but the sheer size of that document makes it a bit ungainly.

I’m trying out a new answer this week. It is — like many others — a provisional answer. It is an attempt that may not bear up under even casual scrutiny, but here it goes:

Being a Wesleyan United Methodist is to be convinced that holiness and happiness are the same thing and to be so passionate about God’s love that you would do anything necessary to witness to this love and connect all people to Jesus Christ.

I’m not real happy with that verb “connect” at the end. It is too mechanical. I’m looking for a better verb if you have one in your back pocket to spare.

Like John Wesley, I’m not terribly concerned if this does not sound particularly different from what other Christians would say. Wesley always claimed Methodism was nothing more or less than Christianity as it was handed down by the saints.


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