More on Bishop Bledsoe

A couple links for those following the story.

Cynthia Astle at Methodist Insight has a good piece of reporting about the developments.

Christy Thomas, an elder in the North Texas Conference, laments the bishop’s decision to fight like the devil to keep his position. She also makes a good observation about the need for repentance and humility.


3 thoughts on “More on Bishop Bledsoe

  1. This case is actually a very good argument for more transparency. Instead of Don House saying that Bishop Bledsoe is a “treasure” if the SCJ Episcopacy Committee actually told the bishop that he had a choice between voluntary or involuntary retirement, then, at a minimum, don’t say anything. If someone is going to be involuntarily retired, then there should be a statement prepared for distribution. If the bishop doesn’t want it released, then it stays secret. But, we can draw our own conclusions from that.

    It really is a shame that Bishop Bledsoe has resorted to playing the race card. Rational discussion goes out the window. Those in the race industry will loudly proclaim discrimination even though both the laity and clergy in North Texas are 89% white.

    1. Bishop Bledsoe is one of the finest Christian gentlemen and Methodist scholars that I know. I have known him since 1982 and have respected him as a person deep integrity and moral courage. The North Texas Conference is not a place or space without cultural, ethnic, or moral challenges in its recent or storied past.

      My observations come as a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and a keen observer of practice and polity in this valued conference. It seems that it is time to be COMPLETELY transparent in all discussions in relations to the bishop and other matters.

      Much work has been invested from all participants to create the possibility of harmonious relationships among all that appears to be dissolving under the pressures of aspirations, ambitions, and allegations when characters, class, consultation and calm are needed and should be heeded.

      I truly believe that Bishop Bledsoe and the North Texas Conference are the correct partners for each other in this KAIROS moment,

      Daryl B. Ingram (Ordained Clergy)
      Perkins Graduate 1986

  2. We clearly do not know all the facts in this case and may never know. No doubt there are privacy and legal issues that cannot be revealed to the general public. If the bishop was encouraged to retire and he initially agreed to it I believe there must have been something going on. His pledge to fight like the devil was a poor choice of words. Since when does a Christian use the devil as a model of behavior? Will Bishop Bledsoe be lying, cheating, stealing and deceiving to get what he wants?

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