Women as commodities

A friend tweeted a link to this blog post about the way women are treated as objects in our culture and raising questions about how much that contributes to rape, human trafficking, and many other forms of violence against women.

Media and advertising is one of the strongest forces behind how we perceive females. To be commoditized is to no longer be seen as an individual worthy of rights and dignity. A person becomes something to be purchased and used. On a global level, this creates an environment where, whether through apathy or direct involvement, sex trafficking becomes possible. On an individual level, it opens the door for the objectification and abuse of women (sexual assault, rape, gender violence etc…)

It is a compelling post, and I’m pretty sure my daughter will love the blogger’s tag line: “Love Jesus. Seek Justice. Wear Cute Shoes.”


2 thoughts on “Women as commodities

  1. I just wanted to express my appreciation to you. Thank you for sharing my article and for helping to raise awareness about the correlation between media and society’s treatment of women.


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