What this blog is not

I’ve had a bit of time in the car this weekend. One of things I was thinking about was this blog.

Of late, it seems, I have been coming across as if I am setting myself up as an authority on matters of Methodism and Christianity in general. Nothing could be farther from my intention. More than any of you know, I do not consider myself an authority on anything.

Rather, I have always intended this blog to be a place where I explore and offer my thoughts. I never set out to say anything more or less than “This is how things appear to me.”

I’m writing this post as a way to remind myself and mark a renewed commitment to the spirit that has animated my blog and my writing for these last couple of years. I write to learn, not to pontificate. I’ll try to remember that as I go forward.

As always, thanks for reading. Please keep up the conversation.


4 thoughts on “What this blog is not

  1. John, I enjoy reading your musings. What you write makes me think, a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep up the musings and the learning.

  2. Like John, I too find your musings enjoyable!!!! I just wish I could respond with my true thoughts without fearing reprisals!!!!

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