How does the revival start?

I’ve had this question bouncing around in my head all day: How does a revival get started?

I know the answer is all about the Holy Spirit, and I want to respect that truth. But I do wonder how I (or we) could be like a surfer who gets his board in the right spot to be ready to catch the wave when it comes. And what do you do with the wave once you have it?

Any thoughts, book suggestions, or other reactions would be welcome.  I suspect this question will be with me for a while.

4 thoughts on “How does the revival start?

  1. I think the wave analogy is really apt. But that takes time in the water, going for it and sucking sea water from time to time. I think God births revival from people who are in the water and watching the horizon

  2. I spent a year-long sabbatical (2000-2001) God chasing around the world. The signs to look for are conversions, healings, people coming under conviction by the power of the Holy Spirit, and communities growing in love of God and neighbor. The signs of the in-breaking kingdom are still present in our world, but sadly, I don’t see much happening in the UMC these days. I suspect that revival may begin to happen when more pastors attend to the ordinances of God and adhere to their ordination vows by engaging in fasting and encouraging it among the heirs of Wesley

  3. Henry Blackaby of Experiencing God fame has a new resource called Fresh Encounter that’s pretty good. I’m doing it with a group and we realized that revival happens when dead Christians wake up.

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