Theology, Eucharist and Ministry

United Theological Seminary has announced a May 2012 conference on the place of the Lord’s Supper in Wesleyan theology and ministry. The organizers see the Eucharist as a key to renewal in the church.

Looks like an interesting event.

The list of speakers is great.


3 thoughts on “Theology, Eucharist and Ministry

  1. I have seen too much sloppy institution in our United Methodist Church.

    I talked with a life-long Elder yesterday who could see nothing wrong with families celebrating Communion at home when the ‘head of the house’ was the one to lead – no pastor necessary… He also would let anyone preaching on a Sunday morning preside at Eucharist regardless their ordination or lack of ordination… justifying all this saying there was nothing special before God that separated the ordained pastor from their lay congregants.

    A serving District Superintendent is known to call all the preachers without license in her district together monthly for Communion then send them home with the “blessed elements” to offer their congregations in the weeks following.

    Another DS presided at a wedding of a clergy to their new spouse and celebrated Communion, but neither received himself nor invited the congregation. Only the newlywed couple communed.

    The rubrics in the hymnal aside, these are both clearly in violation of the foundational understandings of This Holy Mystery.

    We may have a high theology of the Eucharist, but until the practice is supports the theology in more of our pulpits we are whistling in the wind.

    And another thing (I continue to rant); until there are some consequences or accountability for poor practice rules alone will be worthless.

  2. On the one hand I would love to attend the Conference. Some of the folks involved are some of the best Wesleyan minds around. On the other hand, as we spend so much time re-arranging the deck chairs on the HMS UMC as it goes down, we have little impetous to remain faithful to who we are sacramentally. I think Bill is right on, I’m sad to say. And I am almost completely clueless about how to turn it around. So I continue doing things as I have been trained, in my High Church manner, and hope the one who follows me doesn’t muck it up too badly!!!!

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