The most needed thing

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu writes at the United Theological Seminary church renewal web site:

The one thing that is most needed for the renewal of the church is the restoration of Scripture to its rightful place in her teaching and preaching ministry. Major renewals experienced by the church in its history have all been inspired by the Holy Spirit and they have been based on fresh understandings of the word of God. When God speaks and the church listens, things happen.

One thought on “The most needed thing

  1. Is it important to read the Old Testament Scriptures, the New Testament Scripture and a Psalm each Sunday, or are we to just pick one to teach? Our congregation is so impatient to be done a specific time that they do not even sing all verses of the last hymn. No time is given for someone to come and pray at the alter. Please let me get some input about this.

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