Dan Dick: We don’t want to be disciples

Dan Dick sets himself up for more angry e-mail:

What we lack is courage, faith, and imagination.  Were we to measure disciples instead of members, we would be a much smaller church.  Were we to count the number of lives touched and people served instead of the number of bottoms planted in pews, we would strategize our ministries entirely differently.  Were we to hold one another accountable instead of looking the other way, we would lose so many people it would make our heads spin.  And were we to value to gospel of Jesus Christ more than our buildings, our reach would extend a whole lot farther, reaching a whole lot more people.  Our problem is one of dishonesty — we cannot admit that we don’t WANT to be disciples.  Discipleship is HARD.  We want to be American Christians, safe in our buildings, comfortable in our pews, doing the same things we have been doing since Eisenhower was in the White House… and we want whole new generations to want exactly what we want.  Then, when that isn’t what others want, we get mad at their lack of faith and values.

3 thoughts on “Dan Dick: We don’t want to be disciples

  1. There’s so much right about what he said. And yet, I always feel uneasy when folks paint with such a huge brush and use phrases like, “We don’t this,” or “We won’t that.” It’s always a concern when folks claim to know more than they actually know about what people feel or think. I doubt anyone would say they value buildings more than people… even though it may very well come across that way.

    Having offered that critique, I very much appreciate his emphasis on how hard discipleship is (or ought to be, as Christ defined it… which is why I shared the post I did last week on what Jesus said about discipleship.)

    As always, thanks for sharing another thought provoking post John.

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