Meditation on grass seed

The lawn at our house is mess. The previous owners did not take good care of it and despite my wife’s efforts, the clover and weeds keep advancing.

Out front there are two places with nothing but dirt. We let some work men dig up the driveway to go after a piece of equipment they had lost. (Too long to explain that.) They put down seed and straw, but it did not take.

So, last week – when we got a one-day break in the weather – Lisa and I went out to work. I got about half of one of the large dirt patches turned over and covered with seed and mulch again. The rains returned and no more progress has been made.

But every time I pull into my driveway, that green mulch patch says “hello” to me. It reminds me that time and perseverance is necessary to bring anything to completion. It reminds me that starting well and ending are not the same thing.

I think of this because I need the same reminder in my spiritual life. I often start well. Earlier this year I finished reading the Bible from cover-to-cover for the first time in my life. Even that is a dubious start. Reading the Bible to get through a check list is not the most contemplative way to read. Last fall I prayed the Psalms every day for 30 days, but then stopped. I’m good at starting, not so good at keeping up. I get diverted off the road.

Today the sun is out. After I get done with my job, I will get out my trowel and see if I can’t get a bit more of that dirt covered up with seed.

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