The coming death tsunami

Lovett Weems calls for big changes in the United Methodist Church before the coming ‘death tsunami’ washes over us with devastating effect.


2 thoughts on “The coming death tsunami

  1. “Death tsunami,” really? Are we talking in those terms? I was talking with a church leader the other day who referred to the increasing death rate in a few years that way. I snickered involuntarily. God is good, Jesus will save us from the death tsunami.

  2. I don’t fear for the UMC. The UMC in the United States? Maybe. Those numbers are scary, and I don’t know that we have the will to make the hard changes, or even that making those changes would lead to numeric growth again. But the UMC will continue, in some form, for the foreseeable future, based on its African prospects. We have to remind ourselves constantly that the UMC is not only a North American church (and I heard Weems say in the video several times he talking only about the American context).

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