Leadership Summit: Portrait of vital churches

Watch this video about vital churches from the Leadership Summit. (It takes less than 5 minutes.)

I’m curious what stands out for you.

Just as a reminder the term “vital” congregations is defined as churches that have grown in membership, mission involvement, and giving over a number of years.

4 thoughts on “Leadership Summit: Portrait of vital churches

    1. Colin, thanks for commenting. I saw your name on the move list. I hope it goes well for you. Now you can get to work causing another congregation to grow. ūüôā

  1. What struck me was that the only examples of vital worship were contemporary, that most of the examples for vitality outside of the service realm were from predominantly African American congregations, and there were no specific examples of vital small congregations. I think that we should be learning much from the black church and the witness of folks like Rudy and Kirbyjon, however there is a great disconnect with the experience in which most of us find ourselves.

    1. There are times I get the feeling that the powers that be want to start over with a whole new group of people that is younger, less white, more “enlightened,” etc. rather than working with the ones we have.

      The UMC is going to be an older, more white church for at least another decade or so no matter what. There is little evidence that the work on diversity for those being paid has resulted in more diversity of those in the pews.

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