Adam Hamilton on topical preaching

Adam Hamilton talks about topical preaching at Working Preacher..

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3 thoughts on “Adam Hamilton on topical preaching

  1. Thank you for posting this link. I am pleased to hear that Hamilton strives for balance in his “every other” approach – sounds pretty healthy to me.

  2. I’m trying to think of a single instance where Jesus exegeted the human condition.

    Or exegeted much of anything.

    He preached in parables, if the synoptic gospels are to be believed.

    Parables aren’t an account of life’s problems followed by how scripture bears upon them.

    They typically present what seems like normal life at first, but then something happens that seems to mess with what we thought might come next. The jarring nature of the dissonance between what he presents as reality in his parables and what reality seems to be — or what we have been told that it is– that’s where the “sermons” of Jesus live… and keep eating away at those who hear them.

    Eating away, or chiseling away– to reveal the new life being birthed within us.

    So personally– not speaking for anyone but me here– I think it may be time for more parables from the pulpits… and on street corners… or wherever else all of those disciples– not just the ones called clergy– called to preach the kingdom of God in Jesus name may find themselves.

  3. Thanks, Larry. I found his appeal to balance interesting as well, although I think he tends to set up his “biblical” series as “Five ways a David overcame important life challenges” than as what most would recognize as lectionary-style preaching.

    Taylor, I had the same reaction to the way Hamilton described Jesus’ preaching and the parables. Of course, I’m not sure Jesus is the model for how to be a preacher. He was not preaching a sermon, he was the sermon.

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