Wesley’s favorite Bible chapter?

Which single chapter of the Bible served as the source text for more of John Wesley’s published sermons than any other?

Romans 8

The First Fruits of the Spirit

The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption

The Witness of the Spirit (I)

The General Deliverance

On Predestination

Free Grace

Taken as a whole, the Sermon on the Mount gets 14 sermons, but these are spread over 3 chapters.

Of course, I’ve not counted up his sermon references in his journals. It is quite possible that Romans 8 is not the most preached Bible chapter, just the one most used for his published sermons.

One thought on “Wesley’s favorite Bible chapter?

  1. Well, I suppose if one had to narrow things down to two sections of the NT that were really foundational, Romans 8 and Matthew 5 – 7 would have to be way up there!

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