Dueling smart guys on Paul

Having been neither formed nor deformed by seminary education, I often have to rely on other smart people to help me navigate the theological debates of the day.

NT Wright has introduced me to the new perspective on Paul, and I have spent several weeks in a local church Bible study organized around a new perspective reading of Romans. The new Common English Bible takes a new perspective approach in some key areas.

As a counterpoint, I recently discovered a charming and highly readable blog by Esteban Vázquez that has two posts quoting biblical scholar Moisés Silva‘s response to the debate over “faith in Christ” or “the faithfulness of Christ” as the correct interpretation of several key Pauline passages.

Silva comes down on the side of the traditional reading.

Here are the two posts for your own consideration.

Whether the result of this debate has any practical impact, I do not know. I’m still trying to figure out why it produces so much fire and heat.


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