Fat and broke

Clergy have weight problems. Clergy have money issues, too.

I’m a prime offender on both.

Does this say something about our own spiritual health? Is poor stewardship of our bodies and our bank accounts a theological problem? Is the solution a spiritual rather than a practical one?

2 thoughts on “Fat and broke

  1. While there are a variety of reasons why both problems exist, I suppose some of both can be attributed to lacking self-control, which I think would be considered a spiritual problem as well as a spiritual solution.

    Our guest bishop at conference asked us all to ponder something like “If everyone in your church offered the same quality, consistency and frequency of invitation to the Christian life as you, would your church be growing or declining?” Without addressing the “frequency” aspect of this question, I would have to say that I think an unhealthy lifestyle amongst the clergy does not help in making our invitation to the Christian life very appealing in its quality or consistency.

  2. I agree. And I am a sinner on this front. I need accountability and the Holy Spirit’s power to help me get this plank out of my own eye.

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