Wisconsin’s talking about homosexuality

Methoblogger and denominational gadfly Dan Dick helped organize a “conversation” on homosexuality at the Wisconsin Annual Conference. A newspaper covered the talk and quoted Dan.

Here’s a .pdf file of a discussion guide used at the conference.

I hope Dan blogs about this in the near future.


5 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s talking about homosexuality

  1. Thanks for the link, Joel.

    From your comments about Methodists loving to study things (true), I could not tell if you thought the resolution was a good one or not.

    1. Sure, I’m all for studying things (obviously, i’m methodist too) and I think a discussion in the churches is good to bring the issue down to the people. Part of the problem is that the local churches have freaked out when the hierarchy does something they didn’t even hear about first. I’m sure there will be some good discussion there (at the churches it is even discussed at). My question is this: will it mean our minds, hearts, and doors are more open to Christians who don’t come out of the cookie cutter faith? It’s really doubtful.

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