Lectionary reflections – Luke 5:1-11

Luke 5:1-11

My commentary tells me this is a “pronouncement story” with a “provision miracle” in the middle of it. It also points out that the people who heard Luke’s gospel would not identify with Peter because they were not Christians who abandoned everything to follow Jesus, but they would have respect and admiration for Peter.

I almost fell asleep reading that. I can’t imagine using such insights to help me preach it. It reminds me of the scene from Dead Poets Society about measuring poetry.

I am still far from knowing where I am going with this text this week – all you advance planners cluck at me in silence, please. But I hope reading the experience of the story will be a bit more like this than the cold dissection of my commentary. (One of my favorite movie scenes of all time. Why can’t we get music to play under our sermons?)