Ruthless Calvinist tells orphans to stop whining

Halden Doerge has been sharing somewisdom” from John Piper. This post includes Piper’s response to children who lost their fathers on Sept. 11. Piper says:

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. But the very power by which God governs all evils enables him to govern your life. And he has total authority to turn this and every other evil in your life for your everlasting good. And that’s your only hope in this world and in the next. And therefore, if you sacrifice the sovereignty of God in order to get him off the hook in the death of your daddy, you sacrifice everything. You don’t want to go there

My paraphrase: Yes, God killed your daddy. And he’s your only ticket out of hell, so you better not get too lippy about it.

Doerge’s summation is apt: “Piper’s god is a crazy sociopath, not the God and Father of Jesus Christ. I don’t feel like I’m making any sort of stretch in saying that.”

15 thoughts on “Ruthless Calvinist tells orphans to stop whining

  1. Jonathan Edwards says, God is the permitter . . . of sin; and at the same time, a disposer of the state of events, in such a manner, for wise, holy and most excellent ends and purposes, that sin, if it be permitted . . . will most certainly and infallibly follow.

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