Something happened in Missouri

I gather there was some sort of “confrontation” between Methodist bishop Robert Schanse and emergent guru Tony Jones not to long back.

Jones has written his view.

Susan Cox-Johnson wrote her view and shared her heartache.

It does not appear to me that Bishop Schnase has blogged about it.

There are very interesting comments on both Jones’ and Cox-Johnson’s blogs.

2 thoughts on “Something happened in Missouri

  1. I’ve been reading what was written and waiting and watching. It did sound “confrontational.” That saddens me — it does not sound as if truth was spoken with love, but with ego.

    I do not think that the emerging church (or emergent, depending on who you read) and our current system are mutually exclusive; I believe that there will be a “third thing” that will come of this. I wonder how all this would look if we began not in debate, but in prayer?

    Just as always happens in systems, what began a movement has become a bureaucracy — but we do not have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Tony Jones seems to be a “Luther” — where (or who) might our “Loyola” be?

  2. I am curious if there will be video. I am in the Minnesota Annual which is Tony’s home territory and an emergent hub. I hope this doesn’t result in the Bishops attacking the emerging church. If they stamp it out, what few youth that are clinging will probably leave.

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