What do you do with anger?

So, what would you do if John at Zeray Gazette were a member of your congregation? What does a pastor do or say in such moments?


12 thoughts on “What do you do with anger?

  1. I’m not a pastor, so I can’t give much insight into what pastoral care one in such a situation needs right now.

    From a another perspective, two thoughts THAT SHOULD IN NO WAY BE INTERPRETED AS CREATING AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP — THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, but simply musings regarding no particular situation or person — one should consult a lawyer licensed to practice in one’s own jurisdiction regarding one’s specific factual circumstances (disclaimer over):

    1. If one has been injured in the way described, perhaps one should consider consulting an attorney and filing suit (fraud (misrepresentation, suppression, promissory), negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, even breach of contract/promissory estoppel);

    2. Otherwise, one might be careful not to open oneself up to a libel claim by posting potentially defamatory statements about persons easily identifiable by the intended audience of one’s website…

  2. If memory serves, the truth is a defense against defamation claims. But then, I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure.

    At any rate, the accused persons have not denied the validity of my claims. They have simply been outraged that I have made them public.

  3. Truth is absolutely a defense. But if one is sued for defamation, one will not enjoy the costly process of having to prove the truth of one’s allegedly defamatory statements.

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