I don’t belong to an organized religion. I’m a Methodist.

Well the crying and the cheering over the Obama victory go on apace.

And my evening tour of the Methoblog reminds me that about the only thing we United Methodists seem to agree about is that it was better back when. Oh yeah, and who’s that sitting in my pew?

Anyway, we disagree about a lot. So, no surprise I find two strongly conflicting views about our soon-to-be new president sitting right close to each other on the Methoblog blog aggregator.

Jay Voorhees ponders the poison that seems to be inflaming so many conservative Christians since the election.

CD Harringer says he knows the poison and promises to never embrace a rattlesnake.

My “Amen” is with Jay on this one, but I know CD voices the feelings of many.

2 thoughts on “I don’t belong to an organized religion. I’m a Methodist.

  1. As an Obama ‘fan’ I’m very embarrassed by all the triumphalism surrounding his election. Certainly, it was an historic election with the election of our first black President-to-be but it would have been historic with our first woman VP-to-be if the Republicans had won. (Too bad for my gender that all the women who ran shouldn’t have been elected by either a pit of rattlesnakes or a colony of fluffy bunnies, but that’s another subject.)

    Democratic supporters better get real though. The economy is in a mess, the US has troops on multiple fronts and Obama is going to have a very tough time in his Presidency. As would McCain have done had he been elected President. Obama won’t be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make everything alright. The triumphalism is just ignorant and risks Obama losing support the minute the going gets tough, which it will do (I know all the Republicans are grinning at that!)

    As a Democrat who has spent most of my life living under Republican Presidents, I’m afraid I can’t feel sorry. You called us America-haters and told us to suck it up when your candidate won by a dubious margin. Twice. We’ve spent the last eight years not knowing exactly who was running the White House but being damned sure it wasn’t Dub-yah. One thing you can say this time around was that neither presidential candidate was embarrassing.

    I could have lived with McCain but the choice of running mate was laughable. Why can’t Americans manage to field 4 people who look like national leaders in one Presidential election?

    Now where is the ‘smiling devil’ icon when you need it?

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