Faith of Barack Obama

In 2004, Barack Obama gave an extended interview about his faith. has the whole interview. It is interesting reading.

Here he is talking about the Holy Spirit and preaching.

That’s something you learn watching ministers, quite a bit. What they call the Holy Spirit. They want the Holy Spirit to come down before they’re preaching, right? Not to try to intellectualize it but what I see is there are moments that happen within a sermon where the minister gets out of his ego and is speaking from a deeper source. And it’s powerful.

There are also times when you can see the ego getting in the way. Where the minister is performing and clearly straining for applause or an Amen. And those are distinct moments. I think those former moments are sacred.

And here he is on Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation.

I find it hard to believe that my God would consign four-fifths of the world to hell.

I can’t imagine that my God would allow some little Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian faith to somehow burn for all eternity.

That’s just not part of my religious makeup.

The whole interview will give you a nice picture of the president-elect’s faith and beliefs.

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