Methodist altar calls

My father grew up Baptist, so we have talked from time to time about his experience in worship as a young person. He asked me this morning whether Methodists have altar calls.

I know there is a spot in the official pattern of worship where you could call for people to come forward, but I’ve never been in a regular Methodist worship service that included one.

I’m curious whether my experience is typical of unusual. Do Methodists issue altar calls?


11 thoughts on “Methodist altar calls

  1. We strive to give our folks a chance to respond. There are times that response is an altar call. Regardless, action, some kind of movement, is generally part of that response.

  2. I graduated from the Holiness movement into the Methodist movement. Now I have a country bumpkin trying to create an Altar Call after every service. O’ How I hope he does go back into the Wilderness.

  3. The Lack of an altar call is one of the greatest tragedies of the modern church. When will folks give the HOLY GHOST some credit–he doesn’t need your 2-3 years for someone to get saved. What Bible have you all been reading? Acts 2. Rom. 10:13-17. God can save and fill with the Holy Ghost in the same service. Quit helping folks get to Hell quicker by putting them on man’s timetable.


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